Here we go…spousal peeves.

We live in a complicated, complex world today. Spouses have all kinds of peeves, when it comes to their significant other. For that reason, it is probably why it is taking me so long to get this week’s copy out for publication. Let’s start with the first peeve: Snoring.

Spouses who Snore

Women can snore, just like men can snore. Either way, the effect of snoring for a spouse who has to be up the next morning for work, can become grounds for divorce…or worse. So, what could be worse than divorce? How about moving into another room? But then, what about a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device? Sure! Why not? You can sound like Darth Vader, all night! Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? As peevish as it sounds, using a CPAP can save your life. Thank goodness there’s all kinds of these devices available.

​Spouses who Argue

There is nothing as painful as a spouse who loves to argue with you. They argue at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They argue in the car. They argue in the bathroom or they argue in bed. Many spouses claim they find themselves apologizing for questions or statements that they figured they would NEVER in a million years, have to apologize for.

​Spouses who Smoke​When the Other Spouse Doesn’t

What happens in a relationship, when you have a spouse who smokes and you don’t? The whole house stinks, your clothes stink, the dog stinks, the cat stinks…even the kids’ clothes stink of stale tobacco. The second-hand smoke debate has been going on in many households of late. Well, if you’re having problems quitting, maybe you can reach a compromise. You can both smoke weed. Perhaps you can show your smoking spouse, this article and video. You can trade your smoking habit, for another habit. There are all kinds of things you can do to stop smoking. Here’s one reason…if you don’t stop smoking, you might not get to read another Peeve post!

​Spouses Who Pick Their Noses

Does your spouse pick at their nose? Disgusting isn’t it? And yet, you married that person. Maybe. Maybe the reason why they pick their nose is from watching the NBA game…no, that’s not the reason. How do I know? Look at the next video…

Do you think she watches NBA games, religiously? No…she couldn’t…

​Spouses Who Talk to Themselves

Do you have a spouse who talks to themselves while they are driving? Don’t despair, your spouse is not going crazy…even though they may be driving you crazy. If you are one of the lucky spouses with a significant other who talks to themselves, take heart. Your spouse, if you have not already figured it out, is probably a genius.

​Spouses Who Don’t Seem to Listen To You

Interestingly, a lot of comedians talk about arguing with your spouse. How many talk about the spouse who doesn’t listen to you? If you are the spouse who doesn’t listen to your significant other, when they give you directions when you are driving, Bill Engvall has something to say about that.

​Spouses Who Just Don’t Get It

Jeff Foxworthy has something to say about spouses who “train” their partners.

​Closing for the Day

Perhaps Louis CK explains things from the guy’s point of view. (Contains coarse, but accurate “guy” language.)

Not to leave out all couples, perhaps there is one thing that all spouses face, which is that we are all people. We are fallible. Here is Wanda Sykes, talking about her wife.

So, perhaps our peeves with those whom we love are nothing more than learning and re-learning how to communicate.

Next Peeve: Peeves about the weather.

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