Kids are so adorable, right?

But what about when children are NOT so adorable?

This Peeve post is all about those times when children (our children, other people’s children or even grownup children or grandchildren) can grate on our nerves, at home or surrounded by other people.

Meltdowns in the Store

I’ve seen my share of children having bad days in the store. 

The peeve that many people have is when a parent of a child having a meltdown in the store, simply ignores them, expecting the rest of us to comply with them. We have all shared in the misery of watching children suffering emotional breakdowns in the confined space of airplanes, restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores and even our own homes. 

Different people come up with different solutions for the meltdown.

A friend of mine explained, “My friend’s son was still small enough to sit in the child seat of a grocery cart. His own kids are probably about grown now. You know what is at every grocery check out. Right? Candy. The little boy, who you can call Jack if you like, was screaming for his mother to give him a candy bar. I was in the next lane and kept wondering why she didn’t do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to shut him up. 

Finally, she said, “Oh, Jack. You can yell louder than that.” 

Guess what? He could yell a LOT LOUDER.

At that point I could hardly stand up for laughing so hard. From that moment I decided she was the best mom on the planet.”

My wife’s sobering answer for this phenomenon has always fascinated me. 

“If you’re in the store, drop everything and leave. Don’t subject other people to what you are going through. If you’re in a restaurant, either pay for the food and remove the child from the restaurant. If the child is not ready, figure out a time out location that is away from everyone, until the child has settled down. If the child insists on acting out, take the child home and let them sleep it off. Allow the child to learn that if they are going to “act like that”, then they simply won’t go out. They’ll get the message. Eventually.”

Budding Entrepreneurs

We will start with the children who surround us. Yes, the sound of our neighbor’s children, their raucous laughter, screams of joy and endless hours of play. I cannot relate the personal enjoyment of watching those children enjoying themselves in the sun, the rain, even the snow. Ahh. Watching those kids harkens back to my own childhood. 

But…what about when you hear a knock at the door? 

I answered the knock one rainy day, to be met by three young girls, trying to sell me mudpies at five dollars a crack.  Wow. Budding entrepreneurs, eh? Doing the swampland in Florida thing? I politely told them, no thank you. I reported what happened to my wife, who promptly muttered, “Other people’s brats…don’t they have anything better to do?”

Future Singers

Chatting with Duane Holmes, I learned that you can take away something special from hearing children sing. “No matter how good they are. They all sound like fire engines, on the way to a five-alarm fire.” The girls in this video are cute, aren’t they?

​Children Getting Into…Stuff

Yes, kids get into stuff. All kinds of…stuff. I guess I was lucky. I never had this problem with my kids getting into anything. I have a younger sister who had her head stuck between the railings in a store, when she was five. 

Kinda like what you are seeing in this video.

​When Kids Meet Animals

Kids are kids. 

Sometimes they can get carried away, or not understand warning signs from an animal to back off. Especially when they are around animals. When I was a child, our dog was constantly terrorized by our next door neighbor’s five year-old child, kicking the wire fence that surrounded our back yard. Our dog would immediately react to the kick, barking so loudly and fiercely at the child, that we eventually had to keep our dog inside the house, whenever our neighbor’s child was playing in their backyard. The reaction of many adults is generally the same, when a child decides to tease an animal and has a learning experience. . “That’s what you get, when you tease animals.”

​Cutting It Short​​

I’m going to end this peeve rant today, so that I can get it out to you ​​on time.​​ If you have any comments, posts or rants, please add your voice to the comments section at the end of today’s post. If you know anyone who might get a kick out of our weekly Peeve, feel free to have them sign up.

In the meantime Peevers, enjoy your life!

Don’t let anything keep you down. If we’re being challenged with obstacles and pitfalls, the cool thing is that as long as we learn from those bumps in life, it gets easier to stand back up and keep moving forward.

Next week’s Peeve: “Peeved with Spouses”.​​

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