How many times has something like this happened to you?

​​Many of us drive. Many of us do not drive. This first Peeve presentation is for the drivers, those who brave the everyday rigors and dangers of driving on our roads today. When I use the words “our roads”, I mean roads all over the world. Well, we are going to address only a few hazards that we often put up with out on the road. Things that really peeve many of us to no end.

Reckless or Careless Drivers

​Have you ever wished you had a semi-truck, when someone cuts you off in traffic?

​They don’t signal their intentions. I mean…at the very least, you would think that the driver would use their brain and experience a life-changing catharsis. Oh yeah! I’ll use my turn indicator, so that everyone behind me knows that I want to make a lane change. But sadly, no. The idiot wants to change lanes right in front of you with no warning. Maybe they’re on their cell phone, maybe they’re drunk, maybe they’re having a baby or something. Nope. It’s the way that person drives.

​Here’s one that I personally despise, the driver who “has to” slow down in your lane to turn left or right.

​Why? Why come to a veritable stop in a 45 mile-per-hour zone to make a left or right turn?  Why must a driver curtail every vehicle behind them to satisfy their desire to make a left or right turn?

Why do drivers insist on using their cell phone while they are driving?

​How many times do you turn to your right, turn to your left and see a driver on their cell phone? Do you ever wonder just why the accident and death rate in the world has risen? Just look around you. When I learned to drive, anyone…I mean anyone who was riding with me would have freaked out if I took my hands off the steering wheel to answer my phone. I can see the vision playing in the back of my head. I look down because my phone is ringing.

Take my hands off the steering wheel to fumble with my phone. My Dad then slaps me in the back of the head, yelling, “What the Hell is wrong with you? Pay attention to the road goddam it!” Maybe that is something that someone needs to invent. Technology that slaps you in the back of the head, when you are stupid enough to answer your cell phone while you are driving.

​Why must drivers drive under the posted speed limit in the fast lane?

​What is the fast lane on the freeway for? Driving fast, right? Wrong. Why do I say wrong? Come on, you know EXACTLY why I say “wrong”. Ever since I can remember, the fast lane was designated as a passing lane. It goes back to the days when traffic was two lanes, rather than sixteen or twenty-four. The words elude me when I am trying to pass a slower vehicle on the freeway, but am unable to because the lanes are all taken up by vehicles who are trying really, really hard to piss the rest of us off by staying shoulder-to-shoulder on the freeway. These drivers are the ones causing the worst traffic tie-ups in history, snarling traffic for miles, because they feel that the rest of us are moving too fast on the…freeway.

​Drivers who insist on staying on your bumper.

​Don’t you love the driver who insists on maintaining clearance of less than an inch or so from your rear bumper? How when it is just you and one other vehicle at night. You are in the center lane of three lanes. You can see the vehicle behind you gaining on you very quickly. Uh Oh! It keeps coming to you relentlessly, a formidable truck, while you are trundling along merrily in your sedan. The lights come closer to you. Why doesn’t the driver pass from the other lane? Closer. Closer to you until the lights are now taking up all the space in your rear view mirror. You hear a blast from their horn. Only an inch to go and this driver will literally cave in your bumper. They want YOU to give way.

You wish that you had a bigger truck, then let’s see who is going to “push” who from the lane…

​Drivers who have an incessant need to let you know they are next to you.​​

​I love technology, but not when it annoys the Hell out of me.

​What about the driver next to you with the boom box in the back seat? Whump! Whump! Whump! I mean, I could understand if the music was something I liked, but when you are waylaid by an incessant drone that you can’t get out of your car, because you don’t have the ability to crank your car stereo loud enough to drown out the idiot next to you, you get really peeved. I cannot count the number of times that I wished I had an EMP generator right next to me…maybe even something built into my car. That way, when I have some jerk-off trying to blast the doors off my car, I could point to the vehicle, pull the trigger or flip the switch and success…the vehicle mysteriously shuts down, every component fried like a gummy bear.

The driver gesticulating as wildly as I just was having to listen to their version of music. Ah! What a comforting thought!

​Passengers who insist on taking control of the car stereo.

​You’re driving. You’re the head person in charge. It stands to reason that you choose the music or whatever you want to listen to in the car. What gives your passengers the right to change YOUR music? What give the passengers the right to change YOUR radio station that you have PERMANENTLY set on your radio? Who made the passengers king or queen of the roost? My answer is a lock or a wall on the car stereo that is ONLY accessible by the DRIVER. That way, whatever the boss in the car sets, everyone in the car listens to. If not. GET OUT OF THE CAR!

​Driving above or below the posted speed limit.

​In a lot of cities in the United States, many drivers tend to drive about 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. This practice often keeps traffic officers as busy as bees in a hive. Some drivers will drive 10 miles per hour UNDER the posted speed limit. There is a reason why multiple lanes have been part of the integral design of MANY cities in the United States. I can understand if a person is driving in a rural area. Most of those roads are winding, slippery pavement killers that deserve a 25 mile-per-hour posted speed limit. The rest of the United States however, contains roads with MULTIPLE lanes.

The right-hand lane is generally used for slower traffic. The center lane is generally used by traffic that is consistent with the posted speed limit, while the left-hand lane is more for traffic that is moving just a bit faster than the rest of us. If you are driving in California of course, disregard what I am saying. After driving in California for over 20 years, I can state with confidence that if you want to move any faster than the posted speed limit, do it in the right lane.

​Pedestrians who insist on crossing without the crosswalk.

​Do you live in a city or area where no one seems to use the posted crosswalks? Have we become a society of people who simply “bend” the rules for our own convenience? You’re driving down the road, minding your own business when suddenly, something catches your eye. Oh look! It is a pedestrian walking out in front of you! The crosswalk is only about 30 feet away, but you screech to a halt to keep from hitting the idiot, even though you have the right-of-way. You can see the seconds trickling away at the stoplight as the pedestrian takes their time, ambling across the street, while you’re looking at them like you want to make them roadkill. ​

The pedestrian must follow the rules of the road.

​​Why would any of us be upset with a pedestrian who obeys the traffic laws and uses a posted signal at a crosswalk? For that matter, what about the rural driver who runs their vehicle into a tree because when they rounded the blind bend, there was a pedestrian (not a bear, nor a deer, nor a moose) crossing the street in front of them. We live in a world of faster, more efficient machines, known as automobiles. Whenever you attempt to cross a wide path made of asphalt, dirt and rocks, concrete or RAC (Rubberized Asphalt Concrete) and you are on two legs, four legs or two wheels, it means that there is a strong possibility there are fast-moving vehicles that could hit you. It stands to reason that you would want to remove the items plugging your ears to listen for sounds of impending doom as you attempt to cross the path in front of you. In other words, look up and around, instead of looking down at the ground in front of you. The ground is still there, unless you are at the edge of a cliff. If you are at the edge of an asphalt path, please…look around before you decide to cross the path.

​Well, as you can see…there are countless dangers and annoyances that we put up with as non-commercial or commercial drivers.

​​What are your peeves while driving?

​​The floor is open and it’s time to vent.

​Next week: Out Anywhere (What you put up with when you step out your door)

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