We love our neighbors, right?

What about the times that we don’t? What is it that really ticks us off about our neighbors sometimes? What is there that pushes us over the edge to wish we had a bazooka, point it at their house and pull the trigger? Well, that is what we are going to discuss.​


Neighbors playing loud music at night

Have you ever had problems with your neighbors playing loud music? If you own your own home, maybe not. But if you live in an apartments…whoa! Watch out! What about when you have to work in the morning on a Wednesday night and you’re hearing a boom, boom, boom, rattling on incessantly throughout the night? Maybe the sound is directly above your head. You’re lucky that your pictures on the wall are so tight that they don’t fall to the ground and break. Or if you have kids, they come into your bedroom, because they have been literally chased out of their rooms by the never-ending bass that your neighbor refuses to cut off. So now your kids are keeping you up, because they are now awake and refuse to go back to sleep. You drag your butt into work the next day, with red eyes brimming with anger and frustration. Everyone in the office asks you what the problem is, you tell them and they all have ideas that will never work.


Neighbors parking in your parking spot

How about neighbors who park in your parking spot? Doesn’t that piss you off? Let’s say you own a trailer or a boat that you keep in your driveway, which means that you have to use your off street parking, because your spouse, kids or partner uses the empty side of the garage and driveway. You come back home after working all day and there’s a car parked in YOUR parking spot. Your spot. Right in front of YOUR house. And there’s no empty off-street parking for blocks. So, you have to park about 5 blocks away in front of an empty house, then walk home. What a pisser! Or maybe you live in an apartment complex, where all of you have your OWN, ASSIGNED parking spots. Some butthead decides to park in your parking spot. There are no spots available ANYWHERE. No spare parking, no off-street parking…nothing for miles. The management office is closed so that you can’t complain to them. You call the towing service and they can’t be there for another 5 hours. What the heck??? So you park in front of their car to punish the person messing with you, screwing with all your other neighbors instead, who call the police, who call for a tow truck that is there in 5 seconds. Now you’re paying the impound fee to get your car out of impound, all because some jerk-off decided that they wanted to steal what rightfully belongs to you.

Neighbors stomping above you in an apartment complex

There is nothing worse than having neighbors in an apartment complex who seem to have a herd of elephants above you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take it from me, life becomes unbearable. You get into the habit of slamming a stick of some kind, usually a broom or mop to get their attention, so that maybe, just maybe they’ll stop. Even one hour of peace would be nice. We had neighbors with kids that I swear, would run back and forth with their dogs above us. It was a cacaphony of noise and reverberations that would never stop. We took to using headphones to drown out the noise, even logged complaint after complaint with our managers to either move them or get them out of the complex. We finally lucked out because they decided they needed something bigger…like a house.

Neighbors blocking your way when you need to get to work

I discussed this earlier, when we block in someone to punish another, but what about when it is someone blocking our way out? Like a neighbor who is moving in or out, who just plain doesn’t care? Maybe a neighbor with a boat or RV that sticks way out into the street? Or they decided to park on your off-street parking spot, partially covering your entrance to your driveway? I mean, if they had the manners to check with you first, that would be a different story. But when they decide to just go ahead and do whatever the heck they want to do. That’s drawing the line, buddy…


Parents talking with the bus driver with the red stop signs out, when the rest of us need to get to work.

Not sure where the rest of you live, but where we live, you have to stop when a school bus puts out its stop signs. We are constantly trying to get out before a particular bus driver shows up to pick up disabled children for school, very early in the morning. Well, we have to get to work at that time as well. The driver however, will keep the stop signs out for at least 5 minutes, not to load the kids on the bus, but to talk with the parents. I can see this going on for maybe…1 time, but every time??? I am 110 percent about keeping our children safe, ESPECIALLY when getting on and off the bus. But when it’s taking 5 to 15 minutes to get children off the bus, while traffic is backing up for miles, that is taking it to an extreme.


Neighbors with kids who get into all your stuff.

What about parents who raise their children NOT to respect your property? Children who clamber up walls, break into sheds, only to outright steal YOUR property? You call the police, who find out that the person trampling your prize begonias is your next door neighbor’s kids. Or the kids let your dog out of your yard? And the dog gets run over by a car, because they thought it would be funny? How about if you’re in an apartment, and the neighbor kids got into your patio and destroyed all your stuff? They blame it on a cat or a dog, and you have definitive proof that it was them. Your other neighbors saw them doing it. Little ##$$##$%%$^@#s!

Neighbors with dogs or cats who poop all over your yard

How about neighbors who allow their dog or cat to poop on your stuff or property? How many times have you wanted to do something drastic about the problem? Especially when it is a regularly occurring problem with no solution in sight? What about when you live in an apartment complex and your neighbors who take their dog out for regular walks, allow the dog to poop right in front of your apartment, and don’t bother to clean up after their dog?

Neighbors who don’t respect the boundaries of your property

What about your neighbors who don’t respect the boundaries of your property? This is common, when you live in a home. Your neighbor for example, wants to trim their trees. You let your dog out to do their business, and your pet returns, covered in leaves and branches. You come out to find branches and leaves all over the back yard, courtesy of your neighbor who was trimming their trees the day before. Now you get to clean up all the mess that they were responsible for.


Neighbors who throw loud parties

It doesn’t matter if you are in an apartment complex or a home, this really trips your trigger. Especially when you don’t want to put up with the excessive noise of people above or below you, music booming, foot stomping, party people banging on your door, thinking that the party is at your place. I actually wrote an article about that a while back. There Can Be No Joy Greater Than Revenge — Noisy Upstairs Neighbor

Couples who fight all of the time

What about couples who fight all the time, their fight spilling out into the street, the hallway or the coveted walls of your apartment? The screaming, yelling and bickering that you are bombarded with. The police won’t show up, or they take their time because the last time, they had to call out S.W.A.T. to deal with them. Such a nuisance…

Families with children who knock on your door trying to sell you worthless crap.

This rounds out the neighbor peeves…children knocking on your door, acting out their fantasies of taking the door-to-door salesperson of the year award, by trying to sell you worthless crap. What is worse is when your neighbors buy the worthless crap to either

  1. Get rid of the annoyances
  2. Think that they are so cute to sell their crap

You of course, are in the neighbor poll to buy the useless crap that they want to pawn on you, because the kids think that you are as gullible as your other neighbors.

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