We all get peeved about the weather…probably at LEAST once a year, probably more often.

Our peeve this week is about weather, all kinds of weather. Funny thing about we humans, is that we often complain about cold in May, heat in December, snow in spring and rain in fall. I’m from Vegas, so we talk about the heat in summer. When it gets hot, we’re talking as high as 118 degrees Fahrenheit (about 47.8 degrees Celsius). When we get rain, it’s generally not enough rain. There are occasions though, when we get so much rain at one time, that our streets flood and our gullies to the south run dangerously high and very, very fast.

I hate driving in rain.

There are many drivers who don’t seem to mind, but I hate it because my tires are slipping on the road and many of my fellow drivers are either driving so fast that they lose control of their car, or they drive so slow that everyone behind them are buying tickets to pass them as fast as they can. 

Driving in Las Vegas when it rains can also be complicated sometimes. Water will collect in huge puddles on the side of the road, so deep that unless you are in a monster truck with 90-inch tires, you’re going to slip a bit as you drive through the water. I’ve seen people literally get stuck, driving through a puddle of water. 

I remember driving through Utah during a rainstorm. What an experience THAT was. I couldn’t see more than 3 feet in front of me. The rain was coming down so hard, I was wondering if it was denting the skin of my car. In fact, thinking back to that day, I don’t remember the word “rain” as an accurate description of the amount of water I experienced. “Deluge” seems to be a more appropriate word for that day. “Biblical” comes to mind as well as “Flood”. Oh, and if you live next to a river…for the view…with heavy rains. Good luck!Driving in heat is just as bad. 

I hate walking in extreme heat.

Imagine the poor souls walking in 100-plus degree temperatures. When it gets over 100, the streets are almost devoid of foot traffic. Who wants to die of heatstroke, getting to work? Or for that matter, going out for a good time? You find out why a hat is so essential to walking in high heat. People have their windows up and the air conditioners on…unless you want to see a sunburn reaching from your elbow to part of your hand. Open your window to get some fresh air and you’re greeted with blast furnace heat pelting you in the face instead. It’s a wonder that you don’t have blisters, just trying to rest your arm on your open window. The skin of your car is so hot, you start to wonder if your paint is going to peel off. 

The wonders of snow.

Snow on the other hand, is challenging to deal with all by itself.
Besides being a killer, accident waiting to happen or slipping and sliding away, it’s freaking cold. Oh! How much do you enjoy shoveling snow?

I remember going for a walk in sub-zero temperatures in Colorado. I had not experienced sub-zero temperatures for a long time. In fact, when I first stepped out, I’d swear that someone punched me in the nose, taking my first breath. 

Walking in snow was a challenging experience, too. When you haven’t experienced walking in four to six feet of snow, you forget what a pain in the butt it is to lift your leg up high enough to clear the snow. If you’re not dressed for the occasion, you’ll know soon enough to get your tail back inside before something important falls off. My wife has a very simple description for snow, “White shit.”

Speaking of weather, we always seem to get too much of what we want, don’t we?

Don’t you just love spring?

We have rain. Maybe we don’t have rain. How about clouds? It will be cold in spring. Summer’s not around yet. You look out the window, the sun is shining, you can hear birds chirping up a storm. You can’t wait to get out there. You open your door and…crap! It’s freaking cold! No wonder the birds are chirping, they’re saying the same freaking thing! Chirp! Cold! Chirp! Crap! Chirp! Brr! They’re not happy. They’re complaining in their bird language about how freaking cold it is out there, under sunshine that’s not heating anything up yet.

Let’s talk summer, now.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking…water. Water becomes the most important resource in the world during summer. Gone are the days when we would drink from a fountain. We carry water in plastic bottles, like our ancestors did. Summer is a time for camping out, under the stars…don’t forget the bug repellant! I’m sure happy that I don’t live in Alaska. Insects in Alaska gather in clouds. I think that is one reason why I stick to the desert. West Nile virus is what we fight here, but I understand that you folks in the southern states battle ticks, mosquitoes, flies, gnats and every other flying critter that comes to mind. I think that is why I have a thing for bats. We need more bats. They are excellent for controlling the insect population here in Nevada. Maybe you need our bats to help down south.

On to fall and its weather.

Isn’t fall gorgeous? It’s all brown, orange and yellow, a veritable plume of color that greets you. Not where I’m from. We’re in the same boat as California. Fall for us is a dream. Vermont has seasons. Colorado has seasons. They say that California has climate. Las Vegas and Arizona has more heat. For Las Vegas, one week will be temperatures in the 90’s. Next week, we’ll be at 60 degrees. It will usually stay at 60, occasionally dropping to 50 degrees until December. Some years, it won’t. We’ll have 70 to 80-degree weather in December. People visiting from northern countries are practically in t-shirts and shorts, while we are all bundled up like eskimo’s.

The ch-ch-chill of w-w-winter.

Winter in Las Vegas consists of 50 to 60-degree weather. We have rainfall…sometimes. More often than not, our temperatures may…excuse me…MAY drop to 20 or 30 degrees. Extreme drops in temperature are not the norm for a Las Vegas winter. We have had snow on the ground, maybe…once or twice in the past 10 years. You’ll see more ice in Las Vegas, in a covered, air conditioned ice rink, than anywhere out in town. We DO have Christmas trees for our winter holiday period and the casinos are so decked out, you’d think you were in a winter wonderland. In the desert. I’m generally “cool” with winter (excuse the pun), but there is nothing like driving through our holiday festival of lights happening all around the town. I’m happy, so long as we don’t get a lot of rain.

So, you’ve just heard my peeves about weather. I’m laid back and feeling sassy right now, after having a few glasses of nicely chilled wine.
What are your peeves about the weather?
Next week: Peeved about services.

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