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Peeved About Services
Today’s Peeve focuses on services.
Services are generally not anything we can put our hands around. Water services are about the closest services I can think of to services that we can touch. Other than that, services involve stuff we might need or want.
Services can be separated into 3 different categories:

  1. Public Services (City or State)
  2. Private Services (Privately owned businesses)
  3. Government Services (Federal or Country Services)

Public Services

Public Services are services like gas, water, electricity, transportation…things that you pay your local city or town for. Some people call these services “living on the grid”.​


Electricity is one of the fundamental services that we have come to depend on as a species. 

Yes, there are people who don’t use electricity a lot. People in Alaska for example, who live out in the middle of nowhere, people in Canada who live deep in the forest, away from civilization. I’m sure I could come up with a really long list of people who don’t use electricity. 

This Peeve is all about dependence on electricity as part of our lives.
If you depend on electricity and your power is suddenly cut off, because you can’t pay for your electricity bill, you’re basically screwed. Unless you have solar, wind or water generator power, you will be depending on your neighbors, friends, relatives or 3rd cousins twice removed. Who needs them…right? Sure, you’ll need them to take a bath, recharge your cell phone, use a computer or whatever else you need that requires energy. You need energy to keep food in your refrigerator and freezer going. 


Water service is fundamental to our survival.

Without water service, we can’t drink any water. We can’t cook any food that requires water. So, when we get our water services cut off, we get screwed.


Gas services are used when we own something that uses gas (usually natural gas) to work. Gas heaters, gas stoves usually fall into this category. Many people opt for gas, to keep their electricity bill down. Sure, that makes sense. Pay for gas instead of electricity, because gas is more volatile.

I have heard people complain about their gas service so badly, that you would think it looks like this:


Transportation, especially public transportation has been a fundamental way of getting around cities, since the invention of the horse and wagon (notice that I didn’t say, “buggy”). I mean, we could revert to the days of ancient Rome and walk everywhere. Just think…we’d have a ready-made exercise program to keep fit. 

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about public transportation. People become really peeved when public transportation is how they get to work. A bus that looks like this:

Is now described as a bus like this:​

So, if the bus breaks down…they are out of luck. I need to get to my job on time! Sorry, but I can’t help you. Maybe you can catch the 32 bus…just walk 2 miles to Harmon. You can catch the 78 bus west to Grove. Then, you’ll need to catch the 54 bus south to Anderson. By the way, it’s about 2 miles from Grove to the 54 bus stop. You should be able to get to your destination in about 3 hours. Great! If the heat doesn’t kill me, the walk probably will. Thanks! (No wonder people sometimes get peeved about public transportation.)​​​​​​​

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