Relatives. You love them, don’t you?

I get along with my relatives. In my travels however, I have spoken with a lot of people who aren’t so crazy about their relatives when they decide to visit. 

In this post, I will be discussing what happens when…relatives come to visit.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard this complaint. 

The closest I can come to this feeling is when my wife’s relatives came to visit us in California. We had over 15 people in a 3-bedroom house at one time. I still look back and wonder how we managed to get everyone in there. So, what are the problems with 15 people in one house at the same time. Well, let’s talk about the house interior, first. 

Sleeping arrangements. 

My wife and I were not able to do the things we would normally do when the kids were asleep. I had to make sure the doors were locked BEFORE everyone went to sleep, or else I would have been trying to wade through a veritable minefield of sleeping bodies, scattered over our living room floor. 

Eating Arrangements

When it came to eating meals, we actually ate in shifts. My wife and her sisters would take turns cooking, while my brothers-in-law and I would pitch in cleaning the dishes (I always put them away) for every meal. It was up to the kids to clear the table. We came up with a workable solution. The real pain was that the refrigerator and freezer were cleaned out at the end of the day. It was up to the men to pile into a car and head out to forage for food…like our ancestors did…fighting the evening crowds at the supermarket.

Parking Arrangements

My neighbors complained about not having any parking, the entire time the relatives were at our house. I think it was a total of 9 cars, taking up space in the driveway, then spilling out into our street.

Heading Out for Entertainment

There is nothing like corralling a caravan of 3 to 5 cars to head to the park, visit a museum or ​even go to a movie. We usually had 7 to 9 people heading out for the evening at any one time. One of my in-laws mentioned that I should have installed a rotating door in place of the front door. Someone inevitably would get lost and the rest of us would wait until they were able to get to us. So, we would be late for a movie, or whatever else we wanted to do.

Results of Relatives Coming to Visit

By the time our relatives left, they barely had any money left in their bank accounts. Ours was cleaned out, 3 days before they left. Our family spent a whole week cleaning up the house after our relatives left. The kids had a blast, my wife was really happy that they came and I was tired.

Other People’s Relatives

We live in Las Vegas. 

The one complaint I hear from pretty much anyone who lives here are the complaints that their relatives dropped in for a visit, so that they could hit the casinos every night. The house is there as a “stash house” or a “crash house”. You know…to stash all the crap that they are buying to take back home, or apologizing for the mess they are leaving you, after they’ve overstayed their welcome. 

Relatives that don’t call before they arrive. 

I cannot imagine any of my relatives dropping in to say, “Hello, I’m here!

Kind of like pigeons, flocking around you, pecking at the ground to coo and poop, hoping to get the scraps of bread or meat from the sandwich that you brought to the park…and you just wanted to sit on a bench and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Ha! How about putting me up for the night?” At least if my relatives did that, they would have the manners to say, “Look, I can stay at a hotel.” Of course, if the hotels are booked up solid for a convention, you could end up in a really nasty area of town. NOT a good thing to do in Vegas. 

So, maybe I’m pretty lucky. 

I don’t have a lot of complaints about my relatives coming into town. My kids might, because when relatives DO come into town, I usually have the kids take them around the strip to go sightseeing. Then, we have everyone over for cake and ice cream!

It Could be Worse…


Next Peeve: Problems with Kids/Stepkids.


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