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Ingram Self-Publish Course

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Ingram Self-Publish Course

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, Meetup does not provide a lot of space for long urls (web addresses), so I am posting a link to Ingram’s Self-Publish Course for you here.

In the Meetup groups this year, we will be discussing each chapter individually. Why? Because there may or may not be content that you are familiar with. A perfect example is metadata. Metadata is an essential part of every web page that the average web user does not understand. Metadata for an author can become complex, even laborious when applying it to your web page or blog. An understanding of social media, web site construction and/or keyword placement is necessary to effectively create a web page that can be “found by anyone”. You may want to use Google or Google Ads for your page as well to create your web page so that others can find it easily. This is only one of many subjects that we will be broaching in our group Meetings.

Bob will be setting up each Meetup in a manner consecutive to each chapter for the next 8 months. If you have any questions, he can always be reached at the email: bob@5artz.com.

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