About 5Artz

About 5Artz

Bill Guthrie – Fearless Leader…

Why We Did It

5Artz was conceived in a non-profit computer room by R.M. Almeida and Bill Guthrie.

“We realized that there needed to be some kind of communication network; maybe something online that artists could use to find each other.”

Not everyone knows how to build a web page. Let us rephrase that statement…not everyone knows how to create, design and stream a website that showcases their work and allows the world to see the artist through “their” eyes.

Miss Tatyana – Over Dinner

What We Want To Do

5Artz was built to help creative individuals. Many creative individuals hate to sell. But, if they want to make a living with their work, how do they do it? Anyone can now publish anything on the web…for free. So, once they have published their work, how do they let people know it is available? How does an author STAND OUT among millions and millions of other published works? Any musician can publish their songs on the web; for free. If a musician wants to sell their work, how do they know people will purchase their work? Especially since they have already established music on the web for free?

Crystal Allen – Writer and Marketer – All in one package

Problems That Artists Have

Because of the web, everyone expects anything we create for nothing. What kind of a living is that? Sure, we can provide our work for nothing. Maybe we can even develop a web site that people visit regularly enough to get sponsors to advertise on our site. But then…if no one buys anything from the ads, the advertisers will pull out. No ads, no money. Creative individuals need other individuals that know how to sell stuff. We think we can do that. But…people who buy our stuff want to meet us, to know us. What we created speaks to them. They want us to speak to them. What an existence, especially when all of our time is spent on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestSnapchat or any of the zillions of social media sites that exist on the web today.

We just want to create our stuff and sell it!

A TRUE Writer’s Workshop in a REAL bookstore

Where We Want to Go

Now you know why 5Artz was created. We are still growing. But with your help, we could find the people who love to sell. We can find each other so that we can collaborate on different kinds of work. Maybe an artist and a writer can collaborate with a programmer to create a 3-D visual story or experience. Think of the possible creations we can come up with when we find the right people.

Now you know why we created 5Artz.

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