5Artz Writers

Getting Published.

The dream of every writer is finding their words in print. Our reward is recognition of our creative mind.
The life of any writer is based on rejection. We learn to thrive on rejection, a role that we hope will one day make us immortal. All we want is to be remembered, with just a little bit of coin as a reward for our work.​

For ninety percent of us, the writing arts feels like a chin up that we will never be able to make. More and more of us give way to other careers.  

More and more magazines are closing. They are replaced by contests that want our money. Desperation takes over as we purchase contest books containing our story, 350 pages where no one will ever find us.

5Artz wants to change what has become a difficult world for writers.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a writer could eke out a living, selling short stories. We devised short 1,500-word stories for a few hundred dollars. Not much, but enough to keep food on the table.

Local bookstores would host authors for book signings. Now, it is near impossible to distance ourselves from the hundreds of thousands of self-published writers who harbor the same dream as us. We have become like grains of sand on a vast beach.
The web made it really easy to publish. People could publish at no cost.
Today, with e-books and on demand publishing, rarely does a writer get noticed. Until now.

5Artz means to change the face of the world and return the success of culture and prosperity to our writers. Join us now and see what a difference you can make.