Adding Romance to Your Story

Romance and Writing

I began to read this article entitled “How to Write Romance Scenes: The Ultimate Guide for Romance Authors“, and suddenly realized, “Holy crap! I have been found wonting…I neglected to add romance to the fantasy story that I have been working on and I need to add romance to what I have written.

I personally feel that romance can act as the glue that keeps a story together. Think about eating an apple pie, or having a salad. Doesn’t the pie taste better if you add ice cream or whipped cream to it? What about when we eat a salad? I understand that a large percentage of us enjoy some kind of topping on the salad, be it a dressing or croutons. Romance embodies the same quality to any kind of story as well. But romance has to be written well in order to be successful.

Hence, I recommend reading this article and learn how you too, can add romance to your story.


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