The Ingram Tutorial

If you don’t know about Ingram, you should.

About Ingram

Ingram has been an essential part of the publishing industry for decades. The company stretches farther than Amazon and has offices around the world.

Through cutting­ edge technology and revolutionary innovations in the manufacturing and distribution of books, Ingram strives to create and discover new paths to success for publishers, retailers, libraries and educators so consumers across the globe can have easy access to the books they want in the formats they most prefer.

Transforming the industry through smart leadership—Wherever books are going chances are the companies that make up Ingram Content Group helped get them there.

Connecting the entire planet with a catalog of print and digital books that numbers in the millions is a lofty goal. It helps to have offices and partners located all over the world.

Ingram has print facilities, distribution centers, sales offices, and more dotting the globe so we are never too far away from anyone looking to read, write, publish and print, or sell more books.

The Ingram Tutorial

For many of us, getting our book or writing project done feels like we just climbed Mount Everest. What many authors discover is that finishing the book is one thing, selling the book is another.

Created exclusively for authors of all types, this tutorial is a global explanation of not just getting your book done, but of the publishing world.

If you are serious about becoming an author or even if you are published and want to learn how to break into book signings at bookstores, etc. Here is the link for the Ingram Tutorial: How to Self-Publish