5Artz Virtual Meetup

March 7, 2020

The Virtual Meetup has been created in light of the Corona Virus epidemic that is sweeping our world. Conventions, rallies and get-togethers everywhere have been cancelled or postponed in order to prevent the possibility of spreading this killer virus to people who are not infected. We are taking a proactive approach by creating a virtual site where we can continue to meet once a month and provide opportunities for you to create, distribute and promote what you have created, using and manipulating what exists via the web and other social media channels today.

Bob has been talking to Crystal Allen, Bill, Scott and Mike about the possibility of adding a virtual meetup for everyone. Please understand that we all agree: NOTHING can compete with face-to-face meetings. They are more personal and worth the effort to attend. Well, the Covid-19 virus seems to have forced our hand in offering this option to all of our members.

Here is more on our Meetup Blog about options we can explore for future meetups. Your feedback is appreciated.