02 Jun

Just Imagine!

We are NOT all performers.

But perhaps we want to become a performer. Thanks to technology, the Performing Arts covers a wide spectrum of disciplines:

  • Actors
  • Voice over actors
  • Stage Performers
  • Dancers
  • Movie/Screen Performers
  • Comedians

To name a few.

And thanks to technology, all or any of these disciplines can be captured live, recorded or both. But many performers are not video experts, nor are they web or technology experts. Many dabble, but most do not care to. It gets in the way of the craft. 5Artz wants to help, by introducing you to those who have expertise in their art. They too, wish to focus on THEIR craft. Imagine together, what you could do. Collaboration is an art form all unto itself. We can provide guides. We can provide help.

All you have to do is join.

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