5Artz Photographers


The dream of every photographer is recognition. An acknowledgement that what they have painted with light is worthy of not only praise, but money.
The life of a photographer is a hard battle won, we imagine our work as immortal. All we want is recognition of our work and just a little coin on the side for our effort.​

Photography  seems like a dwindling dream. More and more of us succumb to another career. The days of making a living as a professional photographer seem more and more difficult. There is always someone out there ready to undercut us. 

How can we compete? Yes, we are doctors, performers, cooks, mail room clerks or warehouse workers. But we are not satisfied and no one understands us.

5Artz wants to change what has become a difficult world for the photographic arts.
Once upon a time, not so long ago, a photographer could eke out a living. Photography was a true art form. Capturing just the right picture with light and shadow depended on an intrinsic combination of focal length, ASA settings and emulsion.

We were hired for our unique perspective of the world around us.

Times changed. People could use computer chips to “cheat” or even worse, steal from us.
Today, with social media, live streaming and on demand saturation, rarely does a photographer find work. Until now.

5Artz means to change the face of the web and return the success of culture and prosperity to our photographers. Join us now and see what a difference you can make.