5Artz Performers


The dream of every performer is applause. Applause that is a result of their performance onstage.
The life of a performer is a hard battle won, we imagine playing that ultimate role…a role that makes us immortal. All we want is to be remembered and just a bit comfortable in the short time that we have on this earth.​

The performing arts seems like a dwindling dream. More and more of us give way to another career. The days of making a living as a performer seem like a distant memory. 

More and more local theaters are closing. Work becomes more difficult to find.​

Where can we find work as a performer? Perhaps we are destined to remain as dishwashers, cooks, mail room clerks or warehouse workers.

5Artz wants to change what has become a difficult world for the performing arts.
Once upon a time, not so long ago, a creative soul could eke out a living as a performer. Culture was measured in the performing arts.

Local theaters would harbor local artists, where culture, any culture could flourish.
With the advent of the web, times changed. People could see performances at no cost because others would record the performance.
Today, with live streaming and all video on demand, rarely does a performer get noticed. Until now.

5Artz means to change the face of the web and return the success of culture and prosperity to our performers. Join us now and see what a difference you can make.