Express Options

Service Monthly Rate Benefits
Within 24 to 48 hours 20% added to plan cost Extra for 24-hour turnaround time
Privacy Protection $17.00 Hides your personal information – name, email, address and phone number – in the public WHOIS directory
Prevents domain-related spam
Helps stop domain hijacking
Helps protect against stalkers and harassers
Privacy & Business Protection $24.00 Privacy hides your personal information from public view in the WHOIS directory.
Domain Ownership Protection prevents accidental domain expiration or malicious transfer.
Certified Domain Seal proves to visitors that your site’s ownership is valid.
Business Registration creates an online business card in the WHOIS directory.
Email Essentials $14.00 5GB Email Storage
Email, calendar and contacts in sync across all devices
Online Essentials $18.99 50GB Email Storage
1TB secure file storage
Simple file sharing and online collaboration
Unlimited high definition video conferencing
Business Premium $20.99 Full Microsoft Office on 5 PCs or Macs and 5 iPads or Windows tablets
Office mobile apps for smartphone access and editing