How many times has someone (or several someone’s) irked you when you are out of the house? Let’s look at our possible list:

  1. ​People cutting you off for a choice parking spot you have been waiting for
  2. People not watching when they are backing up
  3. People jostling you, no excuse me…
  4. Rude customers
  5. Rude employees
  6. People cutting you off in the only cashier line
  7. Parents who keep their screaming child in the store
  8. People who bring their dog, cat, parakeet or whatever into the store
  9. People in the store or drive-thru who can’t seem to make up their mind
  10. Employees who don’t give you what you ordered

This is my list. What about your list? Since I don’t have your list, I will endeavor to work with mine. Let’s cover this list by the numbers.

1.People cutting you off for a choice (or not a choice) parking spot that you have been patiently waiting to get into.

I cannot count the number of times that some rude person has cut me off for a spot I have been waiting for. I really get peeved, just like the person in this video.

Have you ever wished that you could do something about it? I mean…really get even? Here’s a video that shows you true “payback” for that person who cuts you off in the parking lot.

How about when someone backs into you when you are in a parking area? They are definitely not paying attention, or…they think that they are the only person in the parking area.

2. People not paying attention while they are backing up.

Speaking of parking lot idiots, what about the people who don’t seem to know how to park their car in the parking lot stall?

2a. People who should NEVER have been given a license to drive.

3. People who get downright rude in the store – Jostling and shoving.

How about rude people jostling you, when you are in a store? That is one thing that really pisses me off! If you’re going to the store, LEAVE THE ATTITUDE AT HOME!

I guess that sometimes, people just turn into animals, don’t they?

4. Rude customers – People who need to have a time out.

Can you imagine dealing with a customer like this one?

All over a 75-cent purchase you have no control over???

5. Rude employees

Customer service is important to keeping your business alive. 

6. People cutting you off in line at the store.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could do something about it? Without breaking any laws, of course…

7. Parents who insist on bringing their child in the store, while the child is having a meltdown. Why???

If the child cannot behave, then you don’t go out. The parent just needs to tell them that when they are ready to behave, then they can accompany you. The parent has to follow through with their threat. If the child has a meltdown in the store, the parent drops everything and returns home with the child, until the child gets the message.

8. People who bring their untrained pets to a store using a “helper animal” excuse.

Don’t you wish that states or the federal government would do something about this growing epidemic? Looking at this video, perhaps there is a light at the end of our very long tunnel.

9. Indecisive People.

These people are part of our lives, when we head out. We deal with them in the store, drive-thru…anyplace that requires a quick or positive decision, before they get in front of us.

Perhaps Dr. Janki Santoke has them figured out.

Does this help? Nope. So they remain as one of our peeves, when we venture out with the rest of society.

10. This is one for the record books: Screwed-up drive-thru orders.

How many times does this happen to us???

What about cell phones?

What about when the hospital messes up what you went in for? Or they don’t seem to care?

Well, that is all we have in dealing with our pet peeves this week.

Next week: Peeves at work.




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