Do you hate going to work for one reason or another?

I gotta tell you, I’m really damned lucky right now. I LOVE where I work. It’s a customer service job that I have stayed with since 1988. I LOVE my customers. I have the best customers in Las Vegas. I LOVE the management team that I work for…there is none better. I LOVE the company I work for. Every person, all the way up to the CEO, has seen me through good times and bad times, ever since I started working for them. So, if your job sucks…man…I am so sorry! Find a job like mine, you’ll be happier for it and live a much longer life. Tell you what…I’ll tell you the company that I work for at the end of this post.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the job that you hate.

So, why do you hate your job? Well, there are all kinds of factors that we are going to talk about in this post. People are the first thing that comes to mind. People that you work for, can make your working life miserable. People that you work with can be the bane of your working existence. People that work for you can be a real thorn in your side. So, people can really become a good or bad point about your job and keeping the job that you have.

This looks like a really cool office. it???

I could give you some outstanding companies to work for. I could also give you really difficult companies to work for. There have been times that I have quit companies, due to their regulations, employee support, even benefit plans (or the nonexistence of a benefit plan).

I have worked for a manager who was a bully.

Bad managers or supervisors can make your working life miserable.

He didn’t really bully me, because I had no problem working for him at first. But I told him off (privately of course), when I’d had enough of watching him publicly humiliate many of my fellow employees, fire female employees for not succumbing to his sexual advances and even make racist or snide comments to others. I even called him out one morning with our HR manager, only to later discover that he and the HR manager were really good friends. In fact, I found out after the fact that the HR manager was the reason he was hired for the job.

I almost left the job.

Good advice, when you feel stuck on your path…

I would go and complain to the manager that I worked for at my customer service job, telling her what was going on. The manager I loved working for, listened to what was happening. My manager became my own personal Buddha for a while, offering me a shoulder to “cry” on, with the advice that if it became too much for me, to remember that I always had my job that I loved to fall back on.

I stuck it out.

Sometimes, all you need is a little patience

I decided to wait, biding my time until eventually, the manager that I didn’t get along with decided to move on to another company. The silence was deafening when that manager left, the silence of a working environment that once again was…manageable.

I haven’t always been so lucky.

I worked for 20 years in a job that I had a “love/hate” relationship with. In fact, there was a point in my life that I was working for people that I despised working with and went home to a spouse that made my life worse. Life reached a point when I had a nervous breakdown. I did things that I NEVER thought I was capable of doing. It’s a funny thing about having a really negative kind of “Threepio” life.

What we accept as a career, or even a temporary job is up to us.

What I learned from the company that has supported me for so many years through the good times and the bad, is that attitude plays an important role, when it comes to our professional happiness. Everytime I go to work, I learn something new. I gain a lot of satisfaction from my job. I cannot wait to go to my job and help my customers. I am proud of the fact that the company I work for has allowed me to represent them for so many years. So, what is the company that I work for? Here is my heaven away from home.

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