About 5Artz

It all started when we attempted to help a retired, award-winning professional journalist sell his work on the web.

No one would even look at his work because he had no links from other sites, no one knew his name and no one was willing to help him. Except R.M. Almeida. From that failure to launch, a new idea was born. Why not develop a mobile app where artists could sell their newest work for pennies-on-the-dollar? Let’s say, a dollar or under for 1 song, 1 short story, 1 photograph, 1 video play or 1 scanned image that an artist wanted to make available for sale to potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of people?

An idea like ours would not work with just one individual, or only one hundred or even one thousand individuals.

But…our idea would work if the app was downloaded and being used by hundreds of thousands or even millions of users. People today are on the go. People don’t have time to listen to a whole album. People don’t have time to read a book. People don’t have time to thumb through hundreds of images. People have time for small bits of information.

As an app user, would you be willing to rate an artist’s work? Or a writer? Or a photographer? A musician? Perhaps even a performer or group of performers?

Would you take a chance on an artist, musician, writer, performer or photographer if they were selling their work for say…75 cents? 50 cents? Even 25 cents?

Now, think of the artist. You may not think that is very much money for their work. But consider the consequences for the artist. In today’s world, they are expected to release their work at no cost. Free. On the web. This work that usually has taken them hours upon hours to develop, polish and complete is released, and they never see a dime for their effort. Would you work for free? Yet, you appreciate their work. You appreciate the quality of work that person has labored over. But you don’t want to pay anything for it. Is that fair? Would you work for free? No, you would not. Neither does a creative artist.

This is what 5Artz is all about.

We want to give creative artists the opportunity to make a living with their work. 50 cents or 75 cents may not sound like much to you. But, if the work of the artist is so well received, that people are willing to pay under a dollar for their work, they are now professional artists. And…what if 10,000 people purchase their work in one month? What about 100,000 people? Or even 1,000,000 people purchasing their work? Add up the pennies over one month’s time and you now see how an artist can be rewarded for their work. A goal for the artist – to make a living as an artist and develop their collective work into complete packages. Musicians can now earn enough to produce their own CD, a performer or group of performers can produce their own DVD, a writer can produce their own book or eBook, an artist will have the funds to develop artwork that can be mass produced on a large scale for posters or sell oil paintings, or a photographer will have money to market themselves and develop portfolios for more work.

5Artz could mean collaborations on a huge scale.

Imagine creative artists banding together to create all kinds of projects, such as concerts, live streaming benefits or traveling shows. What I am describing comes at such a tremendous cost for even a group of artists. If those artists however, are able to “test the waters” via the media app, receive your likes and reviews. Gain an audience. Imagine how that group will flourish as creative artists.

We at 5Artz are dreamers.

We dream of a world that exudes culture. Our dream is of developing a way of life that is in tune with the demands of today’s world. We at 5Artz remember when an artist could make a living as an artist, in a world that was hungry for culture. We still believe that the world is hungry for new music, new stories, new art, new images and new performances. We believe that the web can be used to create a thriving community of artists that number into the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps one day, millions.

Join us at 5Artz. Help us not only feel the dream, but make this idea a reality.