Art communities can fill you with inspiration, motivation, and make learning and creating artwork really fun! As like any hobby, the value of surrounding yourself with circles of like-minded individuals can have an overwhelming positive effect, especially if you strive for improvement like I do. Feedback and critiques are powerful.

Writers are the unsung heroes of the art world. Once upon a time, writers would congregate in small coffee shops, tea shops or coveys situated in local areas. These groups were very intimate settings, where writers of all genres would get together for poetry readings, fiction groups or novel chapter readings. That was until the advent of the World Wide Web. 5Artz was developed with writers in mind. Click here to find out more about us.

Photography is painting with light. 5Artz sees photography as a necessary part of our culture, our world. Our dedication is in preserving the work of our photographers and that they profit from the contributions that they share.

The heart of every musician can be captured in their music. Unfortunately, musicians often do not see the rewards of their work. Many songs die a horrible death in the fog of obscurity. 5Artz is dedicated to its musicians and determined to provide audiences for their music. Fans buying their music ain't bad, either.

Actors are responsible for telling the story. They do it by narrating, dramatizing or describing thoughts and emotions by performing. Actors rarely have influence over the creative direction and emotional impact of their craft and, arguably, of the finished play. 5Artz helps actors find their niche, while getting paid for their efforts. Find out, now.